Thursday, January 25, 2007

Got a Sony Ericsson K750i :)

I recently bought a Sony Ericsson K750i. The cell is a good combination of features at that price. Well got it for ten and a half grands and additional 1 GB memory for another grand. Totals to eleven and a half grand. Thats a good price for a phone with 2 Mega-pixel camera, Radio, Media Player and Internet capabilities alongwith 1 GB of memory card... The phone sounds good and works smooth as well... The camera can take nice crisp images with 3 different image sizes. Well forgot to mention that the camera sports a 4 X digital zoom. Though not quite good at times but works fine for me. The best part about the phone is that it has a powerful flash light which can also double up as a torch. This is something very handy for taking pictures in the dark. Pictures come out really very well in the dark :) The media player plays a lot of different formats but mp3 is what is recommended. Though the phone does not play wav files and some of the midi files directly copied from the computer. The phone also is unable to play Real medi formats. Well Sony-Ericsson should do something about it... The phones memory is easily accessible once connected to the computer. The phone memory shows up as a drive in Windows and you can just drag and drop files onto the phone memory. As simple as that!

Some of the impressive features include PhotoDJ to edit your photos, MusicDJ to create own ringtones and VideoDJ to create/edit videos. The keys of the phone are sometimes annoying but they are nice. There are a hell lot of free themes available for this phone and the phones looks cool with these themes. I have got some 60+ themes on mine! There are 3 games that came with the phone which are quite amusing and entertaining...

All in all a nice package for a good price. What say?

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