Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Get paid for receiving ads on your cellphone...
There was mail from one of my previous managers about a site called mGinger which pays you for receiving ads on your cellphone and they let you decide the kind of ads you receive in a day, the time frame in which you receive those ads in a day and the content of the ads. That sounds cool. I don't know if this really works but whats the harm in giving it a try. I have registered for it to see if it actually works. What are you waiting for. Register at: mGinger.com

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Classification of human beings!
Recently I got a mail saying "Find out what type of a person you are, based on your blood group" and I said to myself that this was yet another mail in the series of mails floating around trying to classify people into various categories based on different parameters. ( Oooh! that was a long sentence :) )

So why do we need to classify people into 4-5 or any number of categories based on various parameters like date of birth, blood group, day of birth, sleeping posture, etc. People tend to believe in the way these mails talk about the tendencies of a group of people who are either born on the same day or a range of date or have the same blood group. Can people really be classified on this basis?

What I feel is that the reason most of us tend to believe these mails is that most of us just read the category we fall into and not others. Usually these categories are written in a generic way thus giving a person an illusion to believe in whats written out there. And most of us have some percentage of every characteristic that these mails talk about. Like for e.g. if I am a Leo and I start reading my horoscope, I feel most of it is true because I try to adjust events in my life with what has been predicted. If I assume to be an Aries and start reading the horoscope for the same, I will start feeling that whatever has been written is actually true. Its just an illusion so to say. Try doing this, whenever you get any such mail(s), try reading a category you don't fall into and I can confidently say that you will feel that you actually fall into this category by words though not by birth... Try it.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Make your own Microphone in times of emergency.
I was watching this television show about gadgets and stuff and in the end they showed a crude way to build your own microphone in no time, in case of urgency. But this is not a replacement to your conventional microphone and is only meant to be used in case of an EMERGENCY.
This is how it goes:
Take your normal earphones that came with your i-Pod's or walkmans with the stereo jack or pin (whatever you wish to call it) on the other side. Attach it to your computer in the microphone's slot. And then open up Sound Recorder in Windows from Start->Programs->Accesseries->Entertainment->Sound Recorder or if you don't have it installed at this location you can search for the executable at %Windows_Installation_Directory%\system32\sndrec32.exe. e.g. on my machine it was located at c:\WINNT\system32\sndrec32.exe. Just press the record button and start speaking on each of the earphone one by one. You should see sound waves in the Sound Recorder. By speaking in the earphone one at a time you can figure out which one works best and then use it for your purpose. But this is not going to replace your microphone as the sound quality is not as good as it should be...

Now, the question that must be popping in everyone's mind (like mine) must be that how can something like that work? The answer they gave on the show was: the way these earphones and microphones are manufactured is almost same. I am NOT convinced by their answer, so am still searching for a satisfying answer. Will post it when I get one...