Thursday, March 06, 2014

Life @ Amazon

Updates after a very long time. I currently work at Amazon at their Headquarters in Seattle. I interviewed with them in February 2013 and got an offer to move to Seattle in March 2013. They got my visa done in 2013. Moved to the states in September and started working for Amazon in October. Its been 5 months since I joined Amazon and it has been a roller coaster ride.

Had read a lot of reviews of former employees that working at Amazon can get really intense and work life balance can be unbalanced. But, luckily I have had a different story to tell. Work wise, it is really intense with me handling multiple things at the same time. Context switching sometimes becomes difficult but I am pretty used to that now with all these years of experience. There are lot of new things I learnt and am still ramping up to the whole process. Every team here is different and operates like a startup.

Well stay tuned and hear from me in the near future how times goes working here.

Christmas tree created using filing cabinets :D