Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wassup guys!
I have been getting a lot of hits to my site recently. So thought of stopping and saying hi to all my readers :)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Moving on to a PhotoBlog

Yes guys, I have started my own photoblog on shutterchance. I have been very unactive off late over here. Will try to be active on shutterchance. Here is the link http://murtaza.shutterchance.com

Sunday, January 24, 2010

3 Idiots: What a movie...

Saw the movie after hearing raving reviews from colleagues, friend and family. Very interesting movie indeed and as usual cinema with some message. Aamir has done a marvellous job as Phunsuk Wangdu and the same stands true for Madhavan and Sharman Joshi. Why can't we have more filmmakers like Aamir coming up with such meaningful cinema?

By the way, after seeing this film, many people have their own conclusions and the most common lesson people learnt from the film is to "not overburden your child with your own aspirations and let them do what they can do best". Some people would have taken the issue of following a certain syllabus and just studying for marks in exams as a lesson. But for me, it was a different lesson apart from what others claim to have learnt. I learnt a different thing from Aamir's character. Even though he was the university topper, the most intelligent and talented, he never took pride in himself. He was always grounded and wanted to help people no matter who they were. He never made others realise that they were inferior to him. He even went to the extent to invite "millimeter"(the helping boy) to his school for studying further. I believe such a fictional character cannot exist in this world. Why do I say so? I say so from my personal experience after meeting several learned, talented, skilled and intelligent people in my lifetime. What I have seen and felt is that more learning makes a person take pride in himself. This pride makes him believe that he/she is superior to others and they are always correct. So they become stubborn and do not share knowledge. Whereas Phunsuk Wangdu seems to have no attitude even after having hundreds of patents in his name and is still willing to help his dear enemy Mr. Chatur. This is one quality that is completely missing in today's scholars.

People who have mastered a particular subject tend to believe that they are the smartest but I believe they are the biggest fools. Let me explain, take any subject, for instance Medicine. Can any doctor claim that he knows medicine completely? Lets take computer software. Can any Software developer/Computer scientist claim to know all about software? Leave alone a single subject that one cannot master, what about knowledge of the universe? Is there any human being who claims to know everything? The answer is NO.

My heartfelt request to anyone reading this post. If you are a scholar, student or a scientist, please do not think of anyone as inferior. You never know what the person next to you might be good at. Always look up to people who are better than you rather than looking at people inferior to you. That will make you realize that much is yet to be achieved and keep you grounded.