Saturday, February 11, 2006

So called Credit Card courtesy C*T*B*NK

The other day I was trying to renew my internet connection with my friend's(actually his credit card) help when I noticed something very unusual. Ths friend of mine had a credit card by C*T*B*NK. First of all he had lots of problems trying to get his card. The main problem with C*T*B*NK is that they ask for debit card xerox copies for identification which is something very dubious. When my friend objected on giving his debit card details, they told him they had to ask it for verification. What kind of verification was this?

Then he finally got his card after lots of trouble. He almost got it after 2 months!!! But after he got it, he was a bit happy for all the pain.

Then one fine day I wanted to get my internet connection renewed and found there were only 2 options to do so i.e. Credit card or pay by cheque. I did not prefer to pay by cheque because I had no idea when the guy would come over at home with the renewal coupon. So I decided to pay using my friend's help. Finally after selecting the appropriate plan on the ISP's site we were redirected to C*T*B*NK's online banking site where we were supposed to enter the card no. and the password. To my surprise I found that the card no. could be entered using the keyboard but the pin no. couldn't be. It had to be entered through the online keyboard provided on the page using the mouse. What was the use? Anyone sitting next to me could see the password. This was ridiculous. The other thing was that there was an option of feeding in the ipin. That means the transaction could have gone through without an ipin. Anyone who gets the card no. can make payments at his wish. I think C*T*B*NK hired some dumbasses to design their online site. Who could think of such stupid things??? I think C*T*B*NK needs to do something about it else its a big security issue for them as well as their credit card holders.

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