Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some Project Ideas for Students

1. RemoteFS:
- Ability to mount a particular filesystem over the network.
- Support for NFS, FTP, SMB/CIFS and other filesharing protocols

2. Automated Mail Generator:
- Usually marketing companies have this requirement of sending out a common mail to a large list of users. The only thing that could possibly change is the name of the person in the body of the email and the email of the person in the To field.
- Provide a way to accept a common email with the variable fields in the mail.
- Take a list of email id's and send it to individual id's.
- SMTP and POP3 support shoudl be available.
- Easily configurable based on the mail server (smtp or pop).

3. RemoteCmd Shell:
- Ability to connect to any machine (ideally running any OS).
- Ability to fire commands on the machine.
- Ability to provide a common set of commands which would be translated to the native commands on the backend OS. This would help the user in knowing just one set of commands but when the user fires a 'dir' on the command prompt and if the user is connected to a Linux/Unix machine, the command that should be fired on the backend machine should be 'ls' and not 'dir'.

4. C++ to Java code convertor or vice versa

5. Server Management Tool
- Ability to manage/monitor various server machines and do a lot of active activities
- Activities include installing a software on various machines remotely for a Master server.
- Monitor all the machines and display the status of the machines on the master Server in a nice GUI.
- Remotely manage machines i.e. should be able to shutdown, reboot a machine from the Master Server.

Will post some more if they come to my mind...

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