Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Latest Addition to the Stable!

Hmmm... You guessed it right from the pic :) I recently (on 24th March '07) got a Pulsar 150 DTS-i for myself. Here are some pics of the cool bike. I am in awe of the design and the bike is just amazing. I can just keep going on and on about it as long possible...

The bike has a lot of cool and NEW features. The new features that come with the so called UG-III Pulsar are:

1. The engine is a 149 cc compared to the 146 cc of the older 150 versions.

2. It has a new gearbox with changed gear ratios. The gear pattern is the same as the 180 DTS-i.

3. The bike comes with the new design at the rear with new LED tail lamps. The bike is a few inches longer than the older Pulsar (thats was cool).

4. The bike also comes with a digital console, which is the selling point of the bike. The console display the speed of the bike, the total distance travelled and a trip meter to calculate distance of upto 12 trips! The display also has a digital fuel level indicator. Though the RPM meter is still analog... The orange back light looks cool.

5. The bike has one very great feature for the first time in bikes in India. It has auto-cancelling indicators for left and right indication. The moment you complete the turn the indicators go off on their own as they are in cars!

6. The typical problem with most bikes is that the indicator rubbers are hard and break off frequently. Then you need to fix them up with tape. But this bike comes with flexible indicator rubbers that make the indicator lamps flexible (you can actually turn them around) that don't break.

7. Other accessories are default as is from the previos DTS-i models like alloy wheels, NitroX suspension, front disc brake and electric starter.

8. The front of the bike has also got a bit of a change. The plastic on the previous Pulsar was flat whereas this one has an edged out sharp surface for the pilot lamps which looks cool.

9. The bike also has back lit switches which are convenient in the dark. This is also a first in Indian bikes...

The price difference between the 150 and 180 versions when I bought it was just a mere 1.5 grands. I could have gone for the 180 engine but chose the 150 for its fuel efficiency. There is very less difference between the two bikes except for the 30 cc increase in power and the black look in the 180. Apart from that everything else is the same. The other thing is, looking at the traffic in the city and the kind of roads we have in Pune, a bigger engine is hardly of any use. Where would you actually open up the throttle and race? Thats what I asked myself and the answer was the 150 cc DTS-i.

I also got a remote controlled security system fitted on the bike as an addon accessory offered by the company showroom.

On the whole a nice bike which costed me a whopping 63 grands (On road + accessories)... But I think its worth the price for all the features it has to offer.


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