Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Great Barbeque Party!!!

We had a cool party on Saturday, 18th Feb 2006 at a farmhouse some 10 kms ahead of Khadakwasla dam. It was a cool place thanks to Adeeetiii. We started off on our long ride from our places at around 3:00 pm and me and Gokul reached a meeting point (which was decided long back) at 3:45 pm. After a long wait (almost 1 and half hours), Adeeetiii and Vikash appeared and it was a sight of relief. Then it was Mr. AJ and Mr. KJ's turn to have been lost in Khadakwasla. Those two guys went in the wrong direction and drove almost 22 kms. in that direction. To add to our problems the cell phones were not working in that area. Somehow these guys managed to call us up (we got some share of the network!) and figure out that they had gone to the wrong place. We managed to guide them to the place where all of us were waiting and they reached there in another 30 minutes. Finally we completed our 2 hours waiting at that spot.

Then after this long a wait we finally headed towards the Farm house. It was a great place, something that I had not imagined of. It was a luxurios bungalow with a big farm outside. There were coconut, mango, papaya and betelnut trees all around. We then started to play some music in the house and started off muching some snacks. After some time we started off the barbeque by doing all sorts of stuff ;) We got the barbeque up and running in about 30 minutes and started to cook the chicken. Then the veggie guys also started grilling their respective stuff. We were doing all this with a glass of Fruit juice and Coca Cola, courtesy AJ :). After some time everyone was busy eating their respective stuff and then we started the bonfire but nobody really enjoyed it. We went upstairs and then Mr. KJ started playing his guitar. Oh man he is an amazing guitarist. After enjoying the music for some time we started with some ghost stories. We shut off all the lights and lighted two candlles and placed them on the centre table. People were speaking of their experiences and Mr. KJ was giving all kinds off weird background music from his guitar. Then finally went off to sleep ending the day but the other guys started seeing the movie 'Madagascar'.

It was a great evening I must say...

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