Thursday, January 05, 2006

Trip to Mavalsrushti & Manas Resort on 5th of Jan 2006 ...

It was a great trip and an experience of a lifetime. I am posting some of the pics of the trip along with the blog. We left from the office at around 10:30 am and drove along some really bad roads to reach Mavalsrushti in 2 hours which is merely a half hours drive. The place is really scenic and is located 400 meters above Lonavala!!! The place had some really great flowers and plantations around. We roamed around the place for an hour or so and then had lunch. Ohhhh.... What food!!! Typical homely food. Great food I must say...

Then we were just wondering what next... and then voila Gokul (a colleague) came up with an idea to have a Table Tennis tournament between the 8 of us. Well I forgot to mention that we were a team of 8 people (7 guys and 1 gal). So we played for another hour and I tell you it was great fun. Then we had our afternoon sip of tea and left for Manas Resort.

At Manas we did boating, I, Pankaj, Vidya (team mates) and Sandy (my manager) were in one pedal boat and Vikash and Gokul were in one and Kaustubh and AJ (oops... Aniruddha Jahagirdar) on the other. It was just a dry feeling until Gokul and Vikash got really into action by throwing water on everyone and banging their boats with all of ours. It was great to be totally wet. Everyone was wet from head to toe.

Then we went on for Go-karting. That was the most ultimate exerience of a lifetime. We all just had our hearts out on those cars and drove them like there was no tomorrow. Though I must say Pankaj was the best of all of us. Gosh he seemed to drive like a pro man. His best lap was when AJ was trying to go past a slow dickhead and that guy was not letting AJ overtake and then comes Pankaj from behind in full speed overtaking both of them and leaving them in dust. That was amazing!

I guess there is nothing really special to share after that, as everyone was on the way home and some of us headed for Dr. Paul Clements seminar.

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